Data Integration

Data integration (DI) is the assimilation and processing of data from different sources in batch or realtime to data stores (both datawarehouses and/or big data). It is the syncronization of data between diverse applications and involves a lot of data manipulation. There is a lot of computation and storage intensive processes that need to be run, in order to create clean data stores for reporting and visualization. These processes have become essential to a point where it needs to be implicit in everyday business operations.Data integration works with both internal and external data sources. 


Data quality is an important aspect of the Data Integration process. Clean and accurate data needs to be maintained in one place, in order to address data inconsistencies that can be caused if data is updated in more than one system.


Creating customized system architectures and integration services. Our approach provides an easy-to-implement, highly scalable, cloud-based datawarehouse for the staging, processing and integration of data. Talend  is at the core of our solution to provide more effective and accurate data integration services. More accurate data means more effective Business Intelligence.