Application Integration 

The need of application integration came about because point to point integrations become costly to maintain and management becomes a challenge, so it makes sense to connect different applications through a common service bus. This results in a extensive connectivity between applications, supports parallel development streams, has built in data quiality and helps overall productivity of the development and continuous management. 

Service Oriented Architecture 

A service oriented architecture allows us to insulate users from IT changes as there is a layer of reuable components where the business logic resides and business process changes can be incorporated easily in that layer. 

Application Integration using Talend

Using talend studio, we can use one of the 800+ connectors available to us as well as design REST/Web services, test for functional and load testing. This can be extended to other data services and used to design a centralized fault toleranty , scalable service bus architecture. This results in a lower TCO and a faster time to market.


The process involves designing the service end points, security, transports and protocols. SOAP and REST operations can be leveraged which allows for one click publishing using the graphical design studio. the complex mappings can be simplified by a streamlined mapping development, improved maintenance and execution as well as quick diagnosis of errors and overall better program handling.